John E. Green Community Fund


The Grantmaking Program of the Southwestern Urban Foundation awards grants  and contributions to organizations primarily serving the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, and to a lesser extent those serving the state of Oklahoma. Grant awards are made consistent with the purpose of the Green Community Fund and within the fund’s areas of interest and targeted to the underserved. A priority area of concern is the academic under achievement of African American children.

Emphasis is placed on programs that will enable families to develop the skills and resources needed to support and nurture each member; and foster the development of responsible young people who are capable of achieving their fullest potential. Additionally, our Foundation seeks to make grants and contributions to be used as seed money, local match for larger grants, and to assist in building capacity.

Southwestern Urban Foundation has made grants and contributions in excess of $500,000 to more than ninety (90) organizations. The Foundation has observed with great admiration the commitment to self-help and volunteerism that are valued by these organizations. Many of the organizations that have been supported do not have a major source of funding and in many cases limited or no staff. Most of the organizations depend upon its membership and volunteers for monetary contributions and time.